Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Blog Address

Hi everyone! I'm so excited- SpiralMacaroni is now a dot com! It's so much easier to remember, right? I think so too.

Start visiting us at

Same content, just an official dot come now! Yay!

Monday, January 14, 2013

18 Months & The Little Yellow Rainboots

Today is Bennett's 18 month birthday. I remember looking at this date on the calendar back when I had marked them off months in advance and thinking, "That will take forever to get here!" Wow. Totally proven wrong. What a whirl-wind.

Today it was a nasty, rainy day and I was bummed because I had wanted to take him out for some beautiful pictures to document this month. I decided to just "go with the flow" (one of my resolutions for this year) and use the weather to our advantage!

I scooped him up some cute rain boots at a local consignment store, let him bring his favorite truck, and headed for a place with puddles! There is an alley that I'm really familiar with in downtown Greenville because it's right outside one of the places I used to work. I knew it was safe and that there are ALWAYS puddles there! I remember many walks with Bennett down that alley to work with my own rain boots.

I just let him play. He loved splashing in the puddles and driving his truck through them. He would not look at the camera of course because he was mesmerized by his new rain boots that were two sizes too big. (Hey he'll grow into them by spring.)

Here's a few of the shots I got. I absolutely love them and cherish them for what they are. I love seeing him just being a boy. And a boy's story is the best ever told. (Thank you Charles Dickens).

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Man Cave & The Hogie Chair

We are making progress on the man cave design project! A few months ago I picked out a gorgeous fabric in North Carolina to recover the infamous "Hogie Chair."

 The Hogie Chair is seriously the most comfortable chair .... Ever. It was previously used in Michael's mom's living room. When Michael and I were dating I fell in love with this chair and the incredible napping place that it offered. Hogan soon took claim of it and it was forever known as the Hogie Chair! It's everyone's favorite spot!

It's huge and can fit 2.5-3 people and is THE place you want to beat anyone to after any Thanksgiving meal. And now.... It's been passed down to us! Pam was so sweet and went with me to pick out the fabric!

It is the starting inspirational piece for a Michael's man cave! He absolutely loves it as much as I do, so that's always a win.

Here it is now, all beautiful and recovered!

I'm in the process of picking out some grey paint color for the room. So far I've sampled all Benjamin Moore colors; Stonington Grey, Revere Pewter, and Grey Owl. They're all gorgeous but we haven't quite made up our minds yet!

Stonington Grey

Grey Owl

Revere Pewter

As far as other plans for the room adding red lockers is at the top of my list instead of the black boring bookcase that is in there now.

I also am framing one of Michael's shooting targets to add to his gallery wall he has started.

I'm not sure yet, but an American Flag Pallet in muted colors with distress is another element I'd like to add. Maybe it'd be cool to do a pallet as the thin blue line instead...?

Modern Spin

I'm currently trying to hunt down an old picture of him as a kid playing " cops n robbers". I'd blow it up and frame it to add to the gallery wall as well.

It will be awhile before the room is done because we are currently redoing our downstairs half bath! More on that project soon!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dora the Explorer Party

A few weeks ago I helped Ashlyn's mom design a Dora the Explorer party! It was a tough theme to wrap my head around at first, but once I got the astro-turf, the ideas just started flowing!

I reconstructed gift bags from their original state to make "straps" and a "flap" (from the attached gift card). I love how they turned out!

I love Dora's yellow ruffle socks! I had to incorporate that somehow! :o)


Baby Heff is pretty excited about Christmas. I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning! Last year he was so tiny and didn't have much of a clue what was going on. I decided this year NOT to partake in the crazy Christmas shopping and am so glad I made that decision. All of my gifts were home-made crafts and Bennett's shopping got done back in November. It has been really nice to just enjoy the Christmas season and stay away from the grouchy people out in shopping traffic. And plus, it's awesome that I get to just relax at home with his precious thing.

It's rare to find him without a car in his hand these days. Maybe I should fill his stocking up with Matchbox cars!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hanging with the Big Kid

Today was our last day with Uncle Stevie. Bennett really enjoyed having him in town. Those two were the cutest pair at the park today! I had to share these adorable shots with you guys!

Bless this little boy's hair...and his infatuation with slides...

He tried some new things today...

I think it's safe to say he's the happiest at the park. This mama doesn't mind going one bit! Sixty-five degrees a week from Christmas- yes please! It's that "Florida" in me.

We're going to miss Uncle Stevie!

Mornings in Momma's Bed

This reminds me of when I was little and I used to watch Flipper in the mornings while my mom was getting ready. Everything was always cozier in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Missing the innocence and simplicity of childhood.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting Stuff Done

Michael's on day shift again! So of course I've got a little more pep in my step!

It was a great day spent mostly at home. My brother, Stevie, is in town so he helped us get a few projects done around the house. It's always great having an extra set of hands.

Bennett and Michael washed his patrol car today. It finally has stopped raining. I promise there are oodles and boodles of adorable pictures of them washing it together...but this is the only one I can post. You LEOs and LEO wives understand. DISCLAIMER: I did not dress my son. Remember that Michael AND Stevie are in the house. Okay, now we can continue.

Uncle Stevie was put to work and took a break from his normal activities of being an awesome author, guitar player, and sport fishing tournament planner and helped me work on one of Bennett's Christmas presents! I handed him the sander and told him to get to work. He is bigger than me but I'm older, so pretty much whatever I say still goes. The. End.

Yes, Stevie had a vacation beer at 11:17 AM on a Tuesday. It's the least I could offer him for sanding.

The table and chairs were a steal of a find at a little consignment shop but just needed a little TLC. I'll do a post on that here in a day or so, so check back! This is where they're at now....chairs sanded, legs of table sanded, and the top of the table still need a heavy duty sanding. The table top is laminate...oh how I despise laminate.

Ready for some paint!
 We took a trip out to Furman in the afternoon to pick up our Christmas card. Furman is my old stomping ground and where I go for most all my printing needs. They are super inexpensive and it's always nice to see the sweet familiar faces working in there. Y'all- I'm so excited to share it with you! I'm mailing them out tomorrow. After I know family and friends have received them, I'll of course share them on the blog! I can't ruin such a fun surprise!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday!

Jackson's Pumpkin Train Party

Okay...I realize I am super behind on posting about the parties that I have done this fall and winter so far. It seriously has been a whirl-wind and it actually feels nice to have a lull right now.

It may take me a few weeks/months but I'll be sure to share all the events I've done with you guys. Right now a website for Firefly Festivities is in the very early stages of planning and design so until it's done I will share all with you here! Until that time comes you can check out the Facebook page here.

Here are some shot from Jackson's pumpkin train birthday party. He turned two right before Halloween and he loves trains! They even went to a big trick or treating event after everyone met at their house for snacks and cupcakes. How fun to have a fall birthday!