Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jackson's Pumpkin Train Party

Okay...I realize I am super behind on posting about the parties that I have done this fall and winter so far. It seriously has been a whirl-wind and it actually feels nice to have a lull right now.

It may take me a few weeks/months but I'll be sure to share all the events I've done with you guys. Right now a website for Firefly Festivities is in the very early stages of planning and design so until it's done I will share all with you here! Until that time comes you can check out the Facebook page here.

Here are some shot from Jackson's pumpkin train birthday party. He turned two right before Halloween and he loves trains! They even went to a big trick or treating event after everyone met at their house for snacks and cupcakes. How fun to have a fall birthday!

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