Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting Stuff Done

Michael's on day shift again! So of course I've got a little more pep in my step!

It was a great day spent mostly at home. My brother, Stevie, is in town so he helped us get a few projects done around the house. It's always great having an extra set of hands.

Bennett and Michael washed his patrol car today. It finally has stopped raining. I promise there are oodles and boodles of adorable pictures of them washing it together...but this is the only one I can post. You LEOs and LEO wives understand. DISCLAIMER: I did not dress my son. Remember that Michael AND Stevie are in the house. Okay, now we can continue.

Uncle Stevie was put to work and took a break from his normal activities of being an awesome author, guitar player, and sport fishing tournament planner and helped me work on one of Bennett's Christmas presents! I handed him the sander and told him to get to work. He is bigger than me but I'm older, so pretty much whatever I say still goes. The. End.

Yes, Stevie had a vacation beer at 11:17 AM on a Tuesday. It's the least I could offer him for sanding.

The table and chairs were a steal of a find at a little consignment shop but just needed a little TLC. I'll do a post on that here in a day or so, so check back! This is where they're at now....chairs sanded, legs of table sanded, and the top of the table still need a heavy duty sanding. The table top is laminate...oh how I despise laminate.

Ready for some paint!
 We took a trip out to Furman in the afternoon to pick up our Christmas card. Furman is my old stomping ground and where I go for most all my printing needs. They are super inexpensive and it's always nice to see the sweet familiar faces working in there. Y'all- I'm so excited to share it with you! I'm mailing them out tomorrow. After I know family and friends have received them, I'll of course share them on the blog! I can't ruin such a fun surprise!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday!

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