Monday, January 14, 2013

18 Months & The Little Yellow Rainboots

Today is Bennett's 18 month birthday. I remember looking at this date on the calendar back when I had marked them off months in advance and thinking, "That will take forever to get here!" Wow. Totally proven wrong. What a whirl-wind.

Today it was a nasty, rainy day and I was bummed because I had wanted to take him out for some beautiful pictures to document this month. I decided to just "go with the flow" (one of my resolutions for this year) and use the weather to our advantage!

I scooped him up some cute rain boots at a local consignment store, let him bring his favorite truck, and headed for a place with puddles! There is an alley that I'm really familiar with in downtown Greenville because it's right outside one of the places I used to work. I knew it was safe and that there are ALWAYS puddles there! I remember many walks with Bennett down that alley to work with my own rain boots.

I just let him play. He loved splashing in the puddles and driving his truck through them. He would not look at the camera of course because he was mesmerized by his new rain boots that were two sizes too big. (Hey he'll grow into them by spring.)

Here's a few of the shots I got. I absolutely love them and cherish them for what they are. I love seeing him just being a boy. And a boy's story is the best ever told. (Thank you Charles Dickens).

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