Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Man Cave & The Hogie Chair

We are making progress on the man cave design project! A few months ago I picked out a gorgeous fabric in North Carolina to recover the infamous "Hogie Chair."

 The Hogie Chair is seriously the most comfortable chair .... Ever. It was previously used in Michael's mom's living room. When Michael and I were dating I fell in love with this chair and the incredible napping place that it offered. Hogan soon took claim of it and it was forever known as the Hogie Chair! It's everyone's favorite spot!

It's huge and can fit 2.5-3 people and is THE place you want to beat anyone to after any Thanksgiving meal. And now.... It's been passed down to us! Pam was so sweet and went with me to pick out the fabric!

It is the starting inspirational piece for a Michael's man cave! He absolutely loves it as much as I do, so that's always a win.

Here it is now, all beautiful and recovered!

I'm in the process of picking out some grey paint color for the room. So far I've sampled all Benjamin Moore colors; Stonington Grey, Revere Pewter, and Grey Owl. They're all gorgeous but we haven't quite made up our minds yet!

Stonington Grey

Grey Owl

Revere Pewter

As far as other plans for the room adding red lockers is at the top of my list instead of the black boring bookcase that is in there now.

I also am framing one of Michael's shooting targets to add to his gallery wall he has started.

I'm not sure yet, but an American Flag Pallet in muted colors with distress is another element I'd like to add. Maybe it'd be cool to do a pallet as the thin blue line instead...?

Modern Spin

I'm currently trying to hunt down an old picture of him as a kid playing " cops n robbers". I'd blow it up and frame it to add to the gallery wall as well.

It will be awhile before the room is done because we are currently redoing our downstairs half bath! More on that project soon!

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