Monday, December 17, 2012

The Wrapping Paper Monster

Tonight Bennett was helping me wrap up a few gifts and of course, like most things I do around the house, he wanted to help. So I let him. We practiced measuring wrapping paper, taping, and putting presents under the tree. It probably was the cutest thing he's ever helped me do...besides load the dishwasher and put soap in. He is precious doing that. This would have been one of those great moments to have him in adorable Christmas PJs but of course he does cute stuff when he's naked or on laundry day.

The wrapping paper measuring turned into a game of "The Wrapping Paper Monster."

The tape was all jumbled and for the most part not serving it's primary purpose. Bless his heart, he did have great intentions of putting the tape where I showed him, but after his chubby little fingers got done figuring out how to man-handle something sticky into a precise location, it just ended up in a crinkled wad, stuck to itself, and in the middle of the package. And no...I didn't remove it. How could I? Too cute!

 Lastly we attempted putting presents under the tree. He needed the packages to fit in places that were just not possible. However, my son being the stubborn two foot something that he is, started throwing other presents already under the tree, across the room to make room for the new ones. Problem solved.

He was quite pleased with himself and wanted me to take some pictures of him. Such a big helper!

Bennett is offering wrapping services to anyone that needs a hand. :o)

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