Monday, December 17, 2012

Epic Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday our neighborhood had it's annual Breakfast with Santa. My friend, Christine, does an amazing job putting on the events in the neighborhood for the young children and I am so thankful we live in a community full of young families looking to share their lives in fellowship! God could not have put us in a better neighborhood!

This was Bennett's second year seeing Santa Clause. Last year he absolutely loved him! He was looking at him and giggling and laughing hysterically. This year was a completely different experience! However I had a pretty firm mommy feeling inside of me knowing that he may not react so well this year. Let's just say I'm happy there were cameras around to capture the moment!

Last year.... Five months old...

This year...17 Months old...

The fire fighters from our nearby firehouse came and the children got to see the fire truck. It was Benn's first time on the fire truck and he was completely mesmerized!

It was a great morning filled with crafts, face painting, food, visiting Santa (for other kids), and fire truck fun!

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