Monday, December 17, 2012

Kitchen Island Inspiration and a Smeg Fridge Fetish

Ever since we've moved into our new house last February I've been dreaming up ideas and little plans here and there for each room of the house. We actually have done very little to the house so paint, no renovations, not much at all. I have one big reason why we haven't done much of anything.

My aunt gave me some advice that I took to heart and am so glad that I did. She told me to just live in your house for at least a year before you do anything to it. She said that it can take time to really know and feel a space out. It takes time to decide what you like, don't like, and to have time to be inspired to move forward with decorating.  She is like me when it comes to wanting your house to reflect who you are. I don't want to just throw up pictures on the wall because I want them to be exactly what I want and where I want them.

In March we were extremely close to installing granite counter tops in the kitchen but we decided at the last second that we just were not sure of the over-all look we were going for. I also have had my heart set on hardwood counter tops for a very long time and that was a completely different "feel" than a granite surface. I am probably THE slowest person at decorating because I know it has to be just right and feel like it fits the personality and soul of our family and home.

Wood counter top examples. I just love this look!

So yes, it's almost been a year and I have been staring at a blank (but beautiful) kitchen endlessly thinking about ways to make it ours. I finally had a break through moment last night about what to do with our island! I am so excited!

I was inspired last week while eating at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Greenville, Blue Ridge Brewing Company. If you've been there you're probably familiar with their tabletop designs. Each booth has the floorplan of the resturaunt printed onto the tops of the table. I have been going to Blue Ridge since I was a freshman in college and have always loved studying the blue prints. Another random fact: I really wanted to be an architect most of my life! I collected hundreds of house plans and loved watching my Dad draw plans for the homes he was building. I even was one of the two girls in my high school drafting class. There is just something awesome about blue prints. It's the bones of a house or a structure and I find that very intriguing.

So back to the island. I would like to have a wooden counter top with the blue print of our own home transfered to the surface. Not only would it be a great conversation piece but it would add such a personal touch to the center of the kitchen.

 I had orginially just wanted a blue print framed of our house for a gallery wall (which I still would love to do as well) but this idea completely wins me over! It's my inspiration for the rest of our kitchen design! Realisticaly we will not be doing any sort of kitchen reno anytime soon, but I do think the island counter top could be changed out to get us started!

Besides the island top I'm really eying a Smeg fridge. I know...wipe the drool please! Which color would you choose?

I know that eventually the whole kitchen will come together one day but I think Michael and I agree that this starting inspiration will help us move in the right direction over time! Here are two more kitchens that have some elements I love!

Cabinet colors and the sink! Oh my!

White cabinets, bead board island backing, and sea glass back splash. I'm all about light colors with pops of the sea colors!

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