Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Night Shift: Day 2 & The Sexiest Man Alive Announcement

It's day two of night shift already...and it's almost time for Michael to wake up, so that's good news!

Yesterday I started a little "series" on the positives of night shift. If you didn't read it, you can read it here.

So I'm on to number two on my list of things that are positive about night shift.

#2: Getting More Work Done, The Guilt-Free Way

As many of you know, I started my own event design and decor business this past summer and sometimes it's super hard to find time to work on my events. It's near impossible when Bennett is awake (unless it's research for a Dora the Explorer party where I get to watch tons of episdoes with him). When Michael is on day shift and off duty I really just want to spend time with him and do nothing else. Especially girly event stuff that I know he wants no part of.

So that being said, days like today are good for business. Productive. Creative. Rewarding.

While Bennett took his two hour nap this morning I was able to make a ton of progress on my "Where the Wild Things Are" party! We're actually going to head to Hobby Lobby in a bit to get some things so I can make the party favors! Now see if Michael was off AND on day shift I would have felt bad about spending two hours working while we had "alone time" together.

Not only did I get event stuff done, but I also was able to book a hotel for the Color Run this weekend with Kira in Charlotte! We are so pumped! It's all of a sudden turned into a girls trip that both of us need! Even if we do have to run a 5k....a happy 5k that is. :o)

So what about you? Is this something you could benefit from? I love that I have time each day now for "guilt-free" time to get work done!

On a side note, the "sexiest man alive" was announced today. Of course it is Channing Tatum. Duh. However, I think THIS stud beats him by far! (Photos by Jarrad Lister Photography)

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