Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Night Shift, Day 1: The First of Many Positives

So it has begun. Again. The dreaded night-shift for the next thirty-five days straight. This means it's time for me to step up my game as mommy, wife, handy-man, and protector. For the next thirty-five days I play every role around the clock....and I am ready.

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Many of you woman know exactly the situation I'm in right now. Some of you are a law enforcement wife with way too much to juggle. Some of you are military wives with husbands deployed...and I know you understand (if not more than anyone). Some of you have husbands who work big corporate jobs and are providing for your family by means of long days and never-ending business trips. Our situations are all different, but I think the tie that binds us all together is we are called to rise up and be more than we ever thought we may ever have to be.

Last night I dropped my parents off at the airport so they could fly back to south, south, south, south Florida. As I pulled out of the airport I just cried. Cried hard. Like one of those cries where you end up looking you got punched multiple times in the face because your mascara is in your teeth. It was hard to watch both my mom and dad cry as they kissed and loved on their grandson before wheeling their luggage away to go home to a place that is 12 hours away. The car suddenly felt so empty and quiet, yet only a few moments before was filled with family and that warm "close-by" feeling. That feeling I long for and pray God will bless me with one day.

Merging onto I-85 to head back home to an empty house with my little boy, I felt over-whelmed by the realization that this IS my life. This is where I am. It is not on accident and there is a purpose for this life that I live and lead. God is good ALL the time and he has called me to rise up and be more than I ever could imagine I could be. He picked me to rise up. He picked you to rise up. He hand-selected our struggles, our insecurities, our weaknesses. He did this because he knows all. He knows all we can be and he knows exactly what we are capable of enduring and surviving.

I may not have my family or Michael's family around the corner or even an hour drive away. I may have a husband who's duty is to protect our city- regardless of the time of day or holiday on the calendar.  God has blessed me with these circumstances to be strong in and through Him. It is my duty as a Christian to find strength through my weaknesses and struggles.

Looking at it this way...well, it makes it all seem worth it. It makes it all seem doable. It makes me feel as strong as a marathon runner, as brave as a soldier, and wealthy as the richest. Without God behind me there is no way I could feel this empowered. And just in case you're wondering I didn't have this strength a few night shifts ago...because I didn't see it this way. I felt like a victim, not an obedient servant of God's will.

Last night shift I made the big step of making a list of positives about the "dreaded 35 days." I had to dig deep down, some days feeling like I wanted to throw that list into a raging bonfire and then dump a bottle of lighter fluid on it. But I kept the list going and it made all the difference in the world. Over the next thirty-five days I want to share "positives" that I find each day that have been possible because of this night shift. If I don't post one day it may be because I have mascara in my eyes and can't see to type. ;o)

So, here goes today....Day 1:

Baby Free Errands

Today I was able to bring Bennett home after the gym to take his morning nap. Since Michael is here at the house (even though he's sleeping), I was able to leave to run  three errands without having to drag Benn with! I went to the post office, went grocery shopping, and picked up a prescription. I had time for myself and accomplished things I needed to get done. All because Michael is home and able to give me the peace of mind that he is there just in case Bennett happened to wake up (which is very rare).

So if today you're struggling with night shift, maybe this is something you can work into your daily schedule to help make you feel like life has given you a break.

I encourage you all to make a list of positives for the situation you are in right now. How is God blessing you through a crappy situation? This can be applicable to ANY situation. You just have to do a little digging sometimes.

I hope you'll stop back tomorrow for Night Shift, Day 2!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I love reading your posts! I am already worried about how life will be when our Bennett is here and Lewis works crazy insane hours. But, you give me hope and strength that I will be able to do it, too!