Monday, August 20, 2012

The Children's Museum- Visit #2

On Saturday we went back to The Children's Museum! This time Michael actually got to go and his parents as well. Bennett of course had a blast and we even checked out a few new exhibits!

He was obsessed with the racecar exhibit where you build your own car and then race it down different friction courses.

The wind tunnel was one of those new exhibits for him and us as well. Michael and I kind of looked at each other like... "Should we? Eh...why not?!" And low and behold...peanut loved the wind in his face just as much as Papa Thompson did!

The huge water tables are always his favorite for obvious reasons. It's no surprise he got completely soaked and we had to change clothes. Another little boy even told him to stop splashing him. Immediately after that request he proceeded to dunk he face under the waterfall. Way to make friends, buddy. :o)

The grocery store he loves because he can push a cart his size at full speed into other kids' ankles while picking up some things for dinner.

If you've never been to The Children's Museum you must go! There are lots of things to do for all ages and children under two are free. :o) Bennett has had a blast both times he has gone so far! It's a place where he can sort of cut loose and learn at the same time.


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  1. HI -

    My name is Nancy Halverson and I am the President/CEO of the Children's Museum. We are so delighted that you enjoyed the museum and we look forward to having Bennett grow up with us. He's a lucky little guy to have such a loving family to explore the world with!