Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bambino Fever

I've caught a cold. I've got all the typical symptoms....
Also.. I really hope Michael isn't reading this right now or he'll send me to get antibiotics RIGHT AWAY!

* gazing too long at newborns
* organizing Bennett's old clothes and toys
* imaging Bennett as an older brother

* day dreaming about having a bed full of sweet foreheads to kiss every morning...I know...I think I may be partial to adorable little boys. :o)

*calculating how many months apart Bennett and the new baby would be if we got pregnant right now...then adjusting accordingly to fit my desired month to give birth in. :o)
* Pinning new nursery ideas
 * making the fun lists of baby names: Hudson, Brooks, Emmaline Annslie, Ellie, Annie, Kennedy, Oliver, Emerson, Henley, my list goes on and on....

I know though that right now Michael and I are both not actually ready for that rodeo, even though a very common question lately is when our next one is going to come. We have been back and forth between how many years we would like to have between Bennett and his first sibling, and as of now we're thinking closer to three years.

Not having family anywhere close by has been THE BIGGEST struggle for us with Bennett-especially with Michael's busy schedule. Throwing another child into the mix before Bennett is old enough and independent enough to understand and help out a little more may end up being a little much for us to handle all alone. On the other hand...we also know that what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Not having either of our parents nearby this first year has forced us to be stronger parents- and we are thankful for that. Anyone without that type of support near, understands what I'm talking about.

We rest assured though that only God knows what's best for our family. I may re-read this post next month, wish a positive pregnancy test in my hand, laughing because I always think I can plan plan plan when God already has it planned planned planned. Oh me, oh my.

But it is hard to not want another precious child around yet. We absolutely adore Bennett (well...most of the time..haha) and he is at a really fun age right now, but also a very demanding one. He is exploring his independence but of course is still highly dependent on us. I do want to make sure I take advantage of all this amazing time I have alone with just him as well! I know that it won't always be like this (if the Lord chooses to bless us with more than one child).

What do you think is the best spacing between children? My brother and I were five years apart and I wish we would have been a little closer in age even though we love each other so much. Michael is an only child so he doesn't have a lot to compare to as far as age gaps go.

I think the best remedy for my bambino fever is to continue "pinning" and daydreaming as necessary. Also it may be healthy to hang out with some newborns while watching Bennett at the same time. That alone may help us stick to our "near three" plan. :o) Anyone else have bambino fever?!?! Surely I'm not alone. Babies are just too precious to only have one!

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