Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bennett's First Birthday

The calm after the storm. July is over. What a month it was! Bennett turned ONE! Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, I helped design a fabulous 80th Golf "Par-tee", I officially have started my Event Design business, and yesterday I paid all the bills for August! I'm a little exhausted, but feeling totally blessed with life! So if you're wondering why the lack of posts lately...there you have it!

I promised a post on Bennett's first birthday so this is it! I am so excited to finally post about it! Michael and I decided to do a Sunday Funnies Poolside Brunch.

I loved loved loved this theme because it fit Bennett perfectly! He's such a morning person (hence the the brunch), is quite the hilarious little man (hence the funnies), and loves a good time in the pool (hence the pool party).

It was a challenge at first to come up with a way to make this into a party with decor, cake, food, etc, but me being me, I was of course up for the challenge! Pinterest wasn't much help so I was on my own for most of it- but it gave me a theraputic outlet at the end of my busy mommy days :o)

Here all the shots from the party day! It was an awesome day spent with very close friends and family!

Cake time!

Bennett and his girlfriend! Their party hats are my fav!
Sarah and Chels!

Cop Friends!
Pickin' from the Donut Tree Chels and I made!
Sunday Funnies Decorated Table: Mini Muffins, Mini Chicken Biscuits, Bacon and Eggs (Deviled), and Fruit Kabobs)

Tin Can Birthday Cake!

Milk & Cereal and Juice Stand

Time Capsule

Time Capsule letter I wrote to Bennett

Time Capsule Table

Extra Supplies for any guests that may need them

Party favors and hat...and a comic strip of Benn's first year.

On Bennett's actual birthday a week later we took him and cousins on a train ride, played at our favorite park, and went to Brixx for dinner to celebrate where I went into labor with him! And of course had cake....again!!

Where I went into labor with Bennett

It was a great way to celebrate Benn's first birthday!

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