Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 Years Baby!

These past few days Michael and I have been celebrating our two year wedding anniversary! Bennett got to spend five days at Camp Nana and we had some much needed time for just us love birds.

We debated going to Disney World or having a "staycation" and ended up going for a staycation. We feel like we hardly ever get to just chill around Greenville by ourselves anymore so we thought it'd be a great opportunity! Last year for our first anniversary we had a ten day old so we of course did not want to leave Bennett any longer than a few hours so this year we were "ready" to cut loose! :o)

We soaked up the sun, slept in, watched WAY TOO MUCH Make It Or Break It (our new show...no jokes please), went tubing, enjoyed dining out (and in) without shuffling baby gear back and forth, and have a few other adventures planned for the next two days.

My favorite part of the week so far was tubing down the Green River! I had gone once in college, but it was an absolute blast with the love of my life!

Ready to get on the tube bus!

The sky dropped out at the end and we floated back in a monsoon! It was hilarious. :o)

How I spent my Monday...

Racing to the Rapids..We had a bravery competition each time we approached one.


Armed and ready with our koozie...

He's my favorite...

 Today (our actual anniversary) we carried on the tradition and went to find a restauraunt with "two" in the name. We made it to Two Chefs in downtown Greenville! It was ridiculously delicious! It was the first time Mike and I had been. Hogan got to go too since he was on our first date which was walking Main Street of Downtown. Last year we went to Copper River for our first anniversary. Copper=penny=one. :o) We're pretty pumped for our five year and getting to go to Five Guys!

But the week isn't over! A few more things planned...and I smell the steaks grilling. :o) It's nice to have time with my best friend and love of my life. That ridiculously hot day on top Glassy Mountain two years ago was definitely the best day of my life!

Love you long time, Michael Wayne! Here's to many more years!

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