Sunday, August 12, 2012

Custom Softie Toys from Child Drawings

I am counting down the days to when Bennett draws his first "real" picture. Right now, below is what we're working with. And as his proud Mama....of course it's on the fridge! :o)

However, if you've got a child that's already in the drawing age and making oh-so-adorable scribbles and life-like creatures, you'll love this mama-based business!

A Child's Own Studio is a unique business that takes your child's drawings and turns them into one-of-a-kind toys aka "softies". They originated the softie, but check out some of the other softie makers out there! The work is fantastic!

She is on a wait list to custom order from, but on her website (click here) she gives a detailed list under "Softie Showcase" of other companies like hers that can help you achieve the same product. Also- if you're talented with a sewing machine you could be inspired to do this very thing with your child's artwork!

Happy Doodling!

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