Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Tee Pee for Chee Pee

That's right. I'm a chee pee. I love paying nothing for great stuff. Who doesn't!? This weekend I hit the yard sales with peanut and my mother in law and we found an awesome tee pee for Bennett. I may have done the "mom power walk" up to this house to make sure no one else got to it before me. I was absolutely shocked it wasn't sold yet because by that time it was pushing 9:45!

$3.00 bucks later and it was sold!

Bennett's been having a blast in it all weekend. There are two ways to enter and exit and a cool peep hole in the front. He is taking full advantage of all points of entry.

  Michael and I got all giddy and moved his chair out of his nursery (tear) and replaced it with the tee pee. Now it really feels like he's starting to become a big boy. Tonight we even had story time in that instead of in the chair. Yup...such a little boy.

We decided it will make the perfect place for viewing ALL of the Florida State football games this year in the living room, since none of the games are close to Greenville this year. I bummer!

P.S. I love being a boy mom!

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