Friday, June 1, 2012

A Tree that Tells a Story: A Fallen Soldier Memorial

I found this online and had to share with you all. It would have been perfect for Memorial Day....and since I didn't do a Memorial Day post, this is my belated one! June is also Bicycle month, so happy bicycle month to you all!

This bicycle was chained to this tree by a young boy when he went off to war in 1914.

He never returned and his family decided to leave the bike there, chained to the tree as his memorial.

The bike still remains there today, on Vashon Island in Pugat Sound, Washington State, with the tree still continuing to grow around it. Let this forever be a reminder of all the fallen soldiers that have fought for our freedom and still do today.

I don't know about you, but this picture really moves me. The boy that rode this was so young, so free, had so much life ahead of him. All the joys of adolescent that a young boy should have. It shows how strong a person can be when they must be. What a sacrifice he made for you, for me, for his country. And so precious that he made that sacrifice so that young boys like him can go on riding their bikes without a care in the world. So "thank you" to you, young soldier. You are not forgotten.

There is a children's book written that was inspired by this "bicycle eating tree!" I think little Benn needs a copy for his library!

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