Friday, June 1, 2012

Decorating with Bicycles!

Another Bicycle Post! In case you missed the post from yesterday, you must read it!

But anywho! Like I mentioned in my previous post, June is Bike Month! Bicycles are obviously one of my favorite things! So much so that I really really really really want to decorate with one. Somewhere in our house. The problem has been convincing the hubbs. He loves bikes too- as much as me to be honest.

See I've got two bikes that mean a lot to me. The first is my dad's vintage road bike, the 1974 Azuki, whom he affectionately refers to as 'Mellow Yellow'. Dad gave it to Michael back when he got into road bikes so he could "test the waters." I remember it's first "long trip" was up to Wild Wings along with me and my blue cruiser, 'Britney.' Michael, Me, Britney, and Mellow Yellow were all huffing and puffing by the time we went from our 'lil cottage on Augusta Road to Downtown! Can I get a standing O for carbon fiber frames please?! The sheet rock that Mellow is made out of is something only the beast of my Dad can handle.

So I want to put this road bike somewhere in our house. I'd really love to use it in a bathroom as a sink mount like in the picture below. And since my dad is a plumbing contractor AND since I'm his favorite daughter I know he'd do it for free. ;o) But we're not ready for any re-no's right now. And I'm not sure he'd go for mounting a sink to his precious Mellow.  But come on,'re not really going to ride that thing again. Be honest. :o)

My plan B is to mount it using a bike shelf. I'd love to put a cool piece of artwork near it, maybe the tree growing around the bicycle picture from yesterday's post, reminding me of why I am free to ride my bike every day. I like the idea of adding some cool trinkets on top the shelf as well. This is what I'm having a hard time convincing Mike to let me do. Yeah, you guessed it...I'm writing this post to make him think it's cool by looking at all the awesome pictures! :o) Come onnn babbbyyyyyyyy...pleeeeeasseeeeeee :o)

My other bike we own (besides our two road bikes) has a love-love relationship with me. It's a blue cruiser and I named her Britney. ('Britney' was written on the side of her). I got her at the Salvation Army when Michael and I were dating for $2.50! We had just moved into the stone cottage and we could ride our bikes anywhere! The only two problems were that I didn't have a bike and I was broke so I couldn't afford a new one...not even from Walmart! I spotted her on one of my thrifting adventures! The basket on the front and the koozie holder (a must, btw) cost way more than the actual bike itself! Oh and Michael was sweet and did put new tubes in the tires for me. He wanted me to be safe!

Jarrad Lister Photography

So what do you think? A bike in the house as decor? Or maybe even two bikes in the house. Mellow and Britney. We could have the ability to also take it down and use the bike when you're missing your first ride. I think it's totally awesome! Maybe you agree with me...maybe you're on Michael's side. I'd love to hear your thoughts- or any other bicycle decor ideas you have for indoor use!

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