Friday, June 1, 2012

For the Love of Birthdays

Birthdays are a really awesome thing. It's a neat thing to think about, really: you get to celebrate the day you were brought into this world. I've now been on this earth for twenty-six years and now also brought another human into this world with the help of my God and my amazing husband. It seems a little crazy to me. I've completed a quarter of a century and am now watching a new century of a tiny person unfold in front of me every day!

On lil Man's Birthday!
 I never really have gotten so "worked up" about having a birthday before. Last year I actually forgot about my birthday. Michael was away at Academy and I was pregnant with Bennett. (So fat and lonely= worst birthday ever) I didn't even realize I had turned 25 until sometime in October. Talk about Pathetic!
Me at 36 Weeks! I was about to meet our little boy in two weeks!
There is something so beautiful about fresh life. The start of it all. Your birth. The endless possibility of where a person's path can lead. Everyone wonders and ponders and is curious. Over time and as you grow older, it's safe to say that mystery sadly fades.

Just a few days old....wondering where life will take him. (And wondering when we'll get to sleep next)
But every year on your birthday, it's another chance to think about the years to come. Whether you're turning six moths, six years, six-teen, twenty-six, forty-six, sixty-six, or ninety-six.....there are still places to go, things to do, people to meet, and dreams to chase. So here's a toast to twenty-six and all the adventures, laughs, tears, heartaches, and life-lessons it will bring!I had such an amazing day yesterday with Michael, Bennett, and some of my closest friends. It reminded me of how truly blessed I am to have what I have in life. God has given me all the people I need and I am so thankful for all of them!

My love made me a sprinkle cake! Naked Barbie must be near the's a tradition in our family! (If you're ever around I'll tell the story to you!)

The Burning of Greenville

My mom gave me her gold and diamond cross and my baby ring that she wore all the time when I was growing up. It brought tears to my eyes and I'm so honored to wear it now.

Kira made me these vintage beach prints of Fort Myers! I love them and know exactly where I'm putting them! Expect a blog post soon!!!

In honor of my coconut selling business when I was little...hahaha

Chelsea made me this awesome pillow! It's perfect for my pillow obsession!

Thank you again to everyone who made my birthday so special! And a big HAPPY 80TH to my Grandma today! Love you Graham Cracker!