Monday, May 14, 2012

TIME Magazine- Are You Mom Enough?

Have you seen the highly-controversial TIME magazine cover for this week with the three year old breastfeeding from his mother with the headline "Are You Mom Enough?" This question refers to if you are "mom enough" to practice attachment parenting.

I'm going to go ahead and stop right there to let Miss Kate Pickert know that her choice of words for the title of this article are complete bull crap. No, I don't practice attachment parenting. And I am MOM ENOUGH because I don't practice it. I'm mom enough because I can make my own decisions about how I raise my son and I do a damn fine job at it. He is strong, healthy, and loved for.

I tried my hardest to breastfeed and it didn't work out. However, even if it would have worked out, it would have been my personal choice to not allow my almost four year old son to breastfeed from me. This mother on the cover has her reasons to , and that is her choice and I support her for doing so. I also do not plan to "wear" Bennett in a sling or carrier anymore after he can use his own two legs to walk. Michael and I would like to see him play and explore and get as much of his own energy out as possible. However, I support any parents that do choose to wear their toddlers as a daily habit. It is their parenting choice and style. I do not support co-sleeping under any circumstances due to the dangerous nature of it.

But here's the thing, Kate, what you do in your own home with your own child is your own business. And in my eyes, any mother that is providing a safe, warm, nurturing, and loving environment is MOM ENOUGH. It doesn't matter if she wears her baby until she's dropping them off for kindergarten or if she never wears them at all. It doesn't matter if she has to give them formula in the hospital right after birth or if she breastfeeds him while he's in the pee-wee football game huddle. A mother has her reasons for what she does. If that child is loved, then she is MOM ENOUGH.

So go back to your cubicle and find a mother that isn't changing her baby's diaper, not feeding it at all, or smoking crack while she's pregnant. If you're struggling to find a candidate to interview, my husband runs across mothers like this everyday- he could help you out.  But then, and ONLY then, my lady, will you have a real reason to ask the public if they're MOM ENOUGH.

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