Monday, May 14, 2012

Four Fabulous Fitness Tips

Hi everyone! I've received some comments and some Facebook messages since starting this blog and also just randomly in the past asking about what I do to keep in shape. So I thought it'd be fun (and easy on me) to blog about some fitness tips here on the blog. I did my first "Fitness Tip" post a few days ago. You can read it here.

I have more fabulous tips for you today! I am by no means a fitness expert nor am I in peak shape, but I appreciate the sweet comments and you even asking me in the first place to share! It makes my day anyway...especially when I get a comment as I'm siting in the McDonald's drive through lane. ;o) Hahaha.

Okay...back to the four fabulous tips!

Fabulous Tip #1: Hang Out in your Workout Gear

I love to NOT match when I workout.
 I realize not everyone stays at home and can just chill in workout clothes all day. Totally okay. But when you are home- instead of throwing on your fat camp sweats (don't you love them though), throw on your cute workout gear instead...even if you don't have plans to workout. You may pass a mirror, take a cute pic of yourself, and think hey..."If I upload this to Facebook and say I'm 'about to go run'...maybe I really should actually go run. Just try it! I'm always in spandex and tight tops. (Must have been from my volleyball days). The hubbs likes it too. ;o)

Fabulous Tip #2: Get Down on your Kids level and take Action Shots

Yeah. That means get your lazy butt off the couch and actually crawl around and find your ten month old that has disappeared into the dining room with the unprotected electrical sockets. (yes I'm allowed to self- motivate in this post too) You saw him go in there with a ball, right? And you don't want him to break your china, right? Okay then. Killing two birds with one stone! So get low, climb the stairs with him, chase him....but take you camera (or phone) with you. You'll have cute pictures, you've just got great exercise, you've had bonding time with baby, you've prevented the china from getting smashed, and no electrocuted babies! Yay!! If you don't have a baby then follow your dog around. If you have a cat, it doesn't count, sorry.

Fabulous Tip #3: Keep your Stroller Out in the Open

I realize a stroller sitting in your foyer isn't Pinterest material, but who cares? It will remind you every day that your dog, your child, and you need to get out more. If people come over it also makes you appear more athletic. Just remember the new you: You in workout clothes all the time + a stroller in the foyer + you climbing  the stairs like a National Geographic Infant Edition photographer = pretty cool and fit mama. If you don't have a stroller then you could keep roller blades in the foyer.. or maybe a road bike. Something athletic will do the trick.

Fabulous Tip #4: Invest in a Good Energy Supplement

No, Five Hour Energy Shots won't cut it...and neither will Diet Coke....or coffee. Here's Mine...

I love it! The hubbs got me hooked. Give yourself 20-30 minutes for it to kick in before you go try to workout. Afraid it will be a waste of money? Why? You could use it to get energy to clean the house, do laundry, cook dinner... anything really. And what did I talk to you about in my first fitness tip post? Anything active is a good start! So having energy is important!

Hope you enjoyed the four fabulous tips for today!


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