Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teethila Sunrise

While we had an incredible weekend filled with Bennett's Baby Dedication (still need to do a post on that), his first haircut, and all our family in town... Life has quickly snapped back to reality. I woke up this morning and knew the only approriate Facebook status was: "Teethila Sunrise." Anyone who's had a teething baby understands...the nightwakings leave you staring out the window at sunrise in a daze of confusion wondering where in the world the night went. Knowing that your only option is to
A. Power through the day and
B. Live for the next nap time! :o)

Our poor munchkin is dealing with nasty teething pain. I've never seen him like this before and it's absolutely heart-breaking. But  must say, I do love the cuddle time with him.  Today he just laid with me all day. Normally it's go-go-go...but not today.

Please pray for him that he can get some rest tonight, pray that I can get some rest (which I'm about to head to bed here while the sun is still up), and for these darn teeth to come in! The neighbors came to the door today and I think I honestly scared them with my hairdo. :o)

I know Michael wishes he could stay home with him and hold him too. Luckily he had some time this morning and afternoon.

 There's nothing more rewarding than being there for your child. Nothing. All you mommies out there know that feeling that I'm talking about.

Have a Happy Tuesday...or whatever day it is today! :o)

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