Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spiked Spaghetti

Tonight I made my infamous spaghetti dish (for the billionth time). In our house, that's the fav. Michael perks up everytime he smells it cooking. And I perk up everytime he asks for it because it's easy!(What spaghetti recipe isn't?)

Since Bennett just now started eating big people food we introduced him to Mama's famous spaghetti! I think something "extra" got slipped into the pot tonight. Whoops!

 Next time you make spaghetti- you're welcome to try making my version!Careful though- it may make you crazy!

Mama Stacie's Famous Spaghetti

1 lb. Ground Chuck (you can use a leaner cut meat, but it won't taste as good)- season the meat with Aunt Cora's Soulful seasoning while cooking meat (Only sold at Publix and you need to look hard! This is the only place I've found it so far)
1 box rotini twist noodles
1 large jar of traditional Prego Sauce
1 1/2 cups grated parmesan cheese (I use the sprinkle kind)...this helps the sauce get a little thicker
 1-2 tablespoons of Italian seasoning
Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning- put in sauce as well. (This seasoning is great on ALL sorts of stuff!)

Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning...sorry not my picture...stolen from Google...

I think the difference is the Aunt Cora's seasoning, the parmesan, and also using the rotini noodles instead of regular spaghetti noodles. I'm not a fan of regular noodles because the sauces slides off too easily! The rotini noodles hold the sauce and meat in so you can savor every bite! Yum!

It's time for dessert!

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