Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fitness Tip of the Day

I love fitness tips. Easy ones at that. I'm not fans of the ones that are like, "Hey-go run 8 miles at 4 AM before your big presentation and long workday." about, No?

So, okay- Stacie's fitness tip of the day= totally doable. Ready? If you read it you have to do it.

Fitness Tip of the Day:

Do something active when you feel the urge to snack!
(For me snacking always turns into this awful feeling of "why in the world did I do that" afterthought)

So think about this. Something active doesn't have to be running miles and miles or killing yourself at the gym for hours. Ain't nobody got time for that!! But if you plan on binging then maybe you should run miles and miles, I don't know...not a fitness expert.

So, what are some "active" things you could do instead of snacking?

* Walk around your neighborhood, your really long street, or okay, fine- if you have a super long driveway like in "The Notebook" I guess you can go check the mail and come back.

* Vacuum the whole house. If you have a college apartment you have to mop and dust too. :o)

* Run up and down your stairs 20x. (I am not responsible for any klutziness injuries, sorry). :o)

* Do yardwork, pull weeds, plant a flower(s), water the yard, or do what I do and walk around the house with hedge clippers and act like you know how you're supposed to trim them.

* Walk your dog who's gaining weight faster than you are. If you don't have a dog, walk your cat. It can be done. I used to attempt it in college. It's a great workout for your bicep, tricep, and even your core. (This would be for an unruley cat).

Everybody's doing it!

* Go on a picture walk with your iphone or real camera. If you've got an iphone you can use Instagram or another filter app and change the pics so you can make others think you have mad photography skills! Now your self esteem should be way up there! (And look...still not snacking because you're now "editing" pictures once you get back home! Yay!)

* Ride your bike. If you don't have one I got my first one at Salvation Army for $2.50 and still have her. No excuses, people. The bike below is not the Salvation Army bike. I wish I could have got it for that price!

me with my Bianchi

* Organize a closet. I don't know about you, but when I get to organizing I forget all about snacking and only eat my normal meals. It also is great strength and toning for your upper body.

* Get on YouTube and do a Richard Simmons workout video. Laughing burns calories too! Want another one? Barbie Workout video from the early 90s. But in all seriousness...checkout Tone It Up! I love this website! They have great workouts that are easy to do at home. I did them all throughout my prengancy in addition to running most days. They girls are fun and bubbly- like Barbie! And Richard is like Ken...I guess...

Don't lie...who doesn't want to look like her? Ugh.

* Okay, you can actually go for a run. Don't stress about how long or how far. Just go. It's better than not going at all!

I hope I've give you some ideas here. But the main point is to just get your mind distracted from eating and energize yourself with something active. It can be anything you love to do that involves moving. Don't worry about if it's not a "traditional" physical activity. Here's a one will ever know! But they will see the results of you controlling your eating habits and taking a healthy stand with your activity level! Most importantly- try to pick something that you will ENJOY doing. Try mixing something you already enjoy doing with activity. (Like when I mentioned taking pictures on a walk). It won't feel like such a burden to you!

Now- put down those Goldfish and do something active!

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