Monday, April 30, 2012

Bennett's First Haircut

The bambino was looking a little shabby. It was time for his first haircut! I knew nine months was a little young to sit still and "enjoy" it, but all factors considered, he did pretty good!

We took him to a salon called Jelly Beans. They specialize in kids cuts and also do "Baby's First Haircuts" for a penny..let them sit in cool trucks, and give you a certificate (you know...all that special necessary documentation that should be put in the fireproof safe once back at home).

Here's some pictures from the day. If it looks like he was being tortured at moments, I hate to admit that you're probably right. However, I can rest assured knowing that hair is dead and therefore there is no way he was in any sort of pain. What you see documented here is a mixture of teething pain and a zero tolerance for scissors near his head. Legit. I'll give it to him. Sorry sweet baby, but you look very handsome with your new do.

Waiting to be called back

Meeting his hairdresser, Brooke. Not sure about what's going to happen.

putting on his haircut cape

There for support

Wasn't a fan of the spray bottle...Can you tell?

Dad making sure the little man gets a good cut.
Wasn't a fan of the scissors either...luckily they're "safe scissors."

Bringing on the distractions...

I want a racecar salon chair.

Driving the car, getting snipped...

Making small talk with his hairdresser....

Wasn't a fan of getting the front done...Can you tell?

"Yes, honey, you look really handsome so far...and no, there is no blood...I promise."

He got to explore the clippers before she used them on him...but he still wasn't sure about them.

Loved the balloon... was kind of a big deal.

Family Photo Opp!

Can't forget to pay! 1 cent please!

Bennett's first award. I guess a lot of sweat and tears went into this one. Thankfully, no blood. :o)

Happy Monday!

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