Friday, April 27, 2012

Stevie's 21st Liquor and Cigar Bouquet

My little brother Stevie turned 21 a month ago today. The fact that he was turning the legal drinking age made me feel old as aged whiskey I decided I needed to prove to him I was still cool, young, hip, and had the ability to give a good 21st birthday gift. I had a little help gathering supplies and taping bottles to kabob sticks from mom, Aunt Tracy, and my Cousin Mandy. We were kinda rushed and gathered the supplies and made this masterpiece in about an hour total.

 We thought it was pretty legit! So happy birthday, again, my little legal brother!

If you're curious about the makeup of the bouquet, it's got an assortment of mini bottles and cigars... As well as two lemons... we couldn't find limes in the pinch of time we were in. It was Mandy's idea to put it all on ice! Great touch!

Me and Mandy waiting on Stevie to come in from fishing so we could present to him his gift...
Stevie thought it was a great gift! Especially right after getting off the Kankakee River from fishing. :)

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