Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stacie vs. Michael: Baby Name Crushes

Okay... Gonna be upfront... I'm still "Baby Crazy" but not packing any fetuses at the moment. So for anyone wondering I just cleared it up. :)

Everyone gets something called "Baby Name Crushes." You know... It's those names that you may have had picked out since the time you were old enough to play house. Or it could also be a name that has recently caught your attention and you scribble it all over your utility bills while you're on hold. Guilty. No judging.

Well I've had lots of baby name crushes in my lifetime. And then... I became a most of those names got washed away. There are just certain names I can never think of without making me want to pull my hair out. Teachers you understand. So, RIP old baby name crushes...

I have new ones now. And I've decided I'm not going to teach again until I get all my real life babies named. :)

Alright my current BOY name crushes...

1. Calahan (Cal)
2. Hudson... Even though it's sadly becoming way to popular.
3. Graham
4. Grady
5. Miller
6. Campbell
7. Cameron
8. Brooks

GIRL name Crushes:

1. Emmaline ( my great grandmother's name)
2. Annie
3. Anslie (Annie)
4. Felicity
5. Kennedy
6. Madeline
7. Anniston (Annie)
8. Autumn

So if Michael was reading this I know two things would be happening...

1. He'd be making fake barfing noises because he loves to hate my name crushes. Especially Calahan. It's a sore subject....
2. He'd still be thinking about his top choices for names... Which I will happily share with you now.

Michael's Baby Name Crushes (Gender Neutral)

1. Wolverine
2. Spiderman

Yes... I'm for real. When I was pregnant with Bennett we had MULTIPLE hour long discussions about whether Wolverine sounded better with "Thompson" than Spiderman.

When Michael coached soccer there were a lot of names that went out the window for him... So I understand why these are his only options left. I guess...

I'm hoping that with some of the crazies he runs into in his line of work, maybe he'll meet a human who thinks their name is Wolverine or Spiderman...and he'll get over all this nonsense. I'm also hoping a superhero movie comes out soon where the hero's real life name is Calahan. I'm a dreamer, I know.

Anyways, as you can see the next baby may end up being nameless due to our differences. I'll keep you posted.

What are your baby name crushes?

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