Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lane's Racing Party

Today I had the opportunity to continue to do what I love. I had the best time putting together Lane's two year old racing birthday party! His favorite racer is non other than the famous, Lightning McQueen! During our first consultation meeting we decided to go in the direction of a general racing theme, with touches of the movie Cars pulled in here and there.

I absolutely loved the theme for this party. It was hard-core little boy, sleek, stylish, and it presented itself well. It was also meaningful to the family because Lane's grandfather won many races in his glory days! So of course we had to use some of his gear and trophies for the decor!

It was a wonderful afternoon and a great day to celebrate the birth of sweet little Lane!

 Love this shot of the table.

 Lug nuts= Peanuts
Cones= Bugels
Oil Dipsticks= chocolate covered pretzel sticks

Grease Rags & Tools= Napkins and Silverware

Antifreeze= Blue Hawaiian Punch (Sugar Free)

 Autographs= a white frame mat with his guests signatures. Just insert a precious picture of Lane from the party!

 Table Centerpieces= Lane's Grandfather's racing helmets and trophies!

 "Refuel"= Mason Jar Chalkboard Sippy Cups with red and white striped straws. The kids LOVED these and got to take them home as one of their favors. Nicole and Brandon were gung-ho about having these at the party and I think they added a precious touch!

 Antifreeze= Blue Hawaiian Punch (Sugar Free)
Motor Oil= Sweet Tea
Mater Came from Sparkle City Sweets Bakery in Inman, SC

 The Prince Family!

 Lane's big sister, Lilah! She was so precious and such a big help the whole time :o)

 Mater's Tate Salad= Potato Salad. We served them as individual serving sizes for easy pick up for the guests.

 Mater! He came from Sparkle City Sweets in Inman, SC

 McQueen's Baked Beans- The individual serving sizes again in cupcake holders.

 Gotta have some sweet tea motor oil at a racing party!

 The popcorn Stand. I made the podium from a boot box and mason jar box! The cones are made with scrap-booking paper.

 A Shot of the Piston Cups. Mini trophies with chalkboard name plates filled to the brim with white, red, and black M&Ms. The M&Ms came from Candy World in the Haywood Mall. These were the other party favor for the kiddos besides the mason jar sippy cups.

 Spare Tires= Chocolate Donuts

 Shredded Tire Sandwiches= Shredded BBQ Sandwiches!

 Spare Tires= Mini Chocolate Donuts

Lane's Cake! Nicole baked the cake, Lane's grandmother iced the cake, and Sparkle City Sweets made Lightning McQueen, the cones, and the tires.

 Piston Cups- party favors for the kiddos! Mini Trophies with chalkboard name plates filled with red, white, and black M&Ms from Candy World at the Haywood Mall. The trophies are from Wilson's.

One of Lane's trophies. I found a twin set of these at Goodwill for two bucks total. I spray painted them where the old awards were written and custom made them for the party.

Please check out the following pages.

Stacie Danielle Event Design- Photography and Event Decor/Design
Sparkle City Sweets- Cake figures

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Lane's Party!

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