Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Giant Family Measuring Stick!

Hello! I wanted to share another project I ripped off from Pinterest.

The need for a giant measuring stick is something that is very dear to my heart. When I was growing up my Dad always measured us on the same piece of wood. He has had it in every house we've lived in for as long as I could remember. It always traveled with us from Florida to Georgia..and now back to Florida. It normally found it's next resting spot nailed up against a door frame. We haven't done much measuring on it lately since we are all grown, but I know Dad still has the board with all of our measurements from over the years. It actually makes me want to tear up a little. My Dad has a huge heart for his family!

I knew I had to carry on his tradition and make one for our family. I love it can be taken with us where ever we go and document how fast we all grow up. So this was made in honor of my Daddy! I love you so "mush!"

How To:

1. Get a long piece of board. About 6.5 feet long....or 7 feet if you're family is on the tall side.

2. Stain the wood your choice of color. I used Rust-oleum in the "American Walnut" color. I think a colored & distressed one would be really fun and pretty as well. However, I knew I wanted ours to match any decor in any room we ever have. Sometimes simplicity is genius.

3. Measure out the feet and inches with a tape measure.

4. Use a black sharpie to make the lines.

5. Use 3" stencils to make the numbers. I got these at Hobby Lobby and of course used a 40% coupon from their App. I tried spray painting first..... it was a disaster. So use sharpie for this as well! It looks really good and easy to control!

6. Add a picture hanger to the wall and mount!

7. Start measuring and recording your family member's heights and ages right on the board!

What a keepsake to have over the years! I can't wait to measure Bennett tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping by!

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