Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cooking for an Army of One...Bennett's New Milestone

I just sat there flabbergasted....wondering if what I was witnessing would be the reason I'd have to finally return to work. My picky, opinionated food-critic of a fourteen month old ate more than I did at dinner. And not just any dinner...a dinner I'm not sure is going to either make him sleep until noon tomorrow or have him up tonight at midnight needing a new diaper. Yes, I'm so blown away by this that I feel the need to share with you about it.

Get a load of what he devoured in less than ten minutes tonight at the table.

* 8 stalks of asparagus cooked in olive oil and seasoned with Aunt Cora's Soulful seasoning, salt, and pepper. He ate them like green french fries...and then started pulling more off my plate!
* 3 big strawberries
* 12 thumb print size pieces of rotissere white meat chicken
* 2 pieces of parmesan garlic bread, buttered
* 8 oz. of whole milk
* half of his Easy Mac, triple cheese flavor....he finally slowed down and shared the rest with me. :o)

I swear I feed my child. But anyways, that's all. Gotta run, he's reaching for the Puffs in the pantry. Really?!

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