Friday, August 24, 2012

Shutter and Front Door Paint Job

We finally have new shutters! Well not really brand new- but they look new! We have been wanting to paint them ever since we moved into the new place back at the end of February but it was never a pressing issue. It still wasn't a pressing issue but with the holiday season around the corner I know I'll want fresh and versatile shutters and a door that will look great with pumpkins, fall decor, Christmas lights, blah, blah, blah. :o)

Here is the final product!

I I need to work on "decor...."

We decided to go with black. We were debating earlier in the year between Navy, a possible red shade, or even a fun teal. We think black is traditional, timeless, and classic! We would eventually love to get a fancy see-through door and new door handle, but for now....this is just fine (and in the budget of course).

Here is the house before. Not bad, but we just wern't feeling the faded burgundy anymore. The door was actually a plum shade in my opinion. Eek!

The process was easy...kinda time consuming, but not too bad. It does help to have a trooper-like husband around though to fight the battles with warped shutter screws. :o)

So back to the process...

1. So Michael, like a boss, ripped off the shutters. Bottom level is already off in this picture.

2. Bennett and I got busy washing them to prep for painting. Bennett pulled a ton of weight in this project.

Cleaned...and drying. Don't you love the faded look? Thought so.

3.We spray-painted them until daylight was gone on the first day. At one point Benn was running around butt-naked mowing the backyard with his mower. ( pics of that on the internet...)
Yeah....the old burgundy color looks bleh next to the shiny black. :o)
4. We stood back to look at our house without shutters just incase it looked better. We decided we needed to press on and go ahead and finish the job we started. :o)

5. Day two we rehung the shutters!

I had to handle the high ones since I have a fear of low places, not heights. ;o)
Flattering angle...thanks hunny...
 6. Painted the door while trying to keep all the bugs out!
We felt homeless for about an hour or so.

7. Stood back to admire the before and after.... (Sorry sun is different in these two pics)

We used black spray paint- Behr Ultra in semi-gloss. Two coats to help with weathering. They are PURTY!

We are loving the new black and are glad to have the faded burgundy shutters and plum door as a thing of the past. In the future for curb appeal projects are landscaping, door hardware, and I'd love some railings on the porch. Maybe black rought iron? Not sure....

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are pooped!

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