Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mike's New Toy

If you know my hubby you are well aware that he's the "Gotta have all things that will save your life just in case of a tornado, fire, home invasion, and "Zombie Apocalypse" happen all at the same time" kinda guy. And I love him for it...but I blame it on the day job. Thankfully this personality trait results in him bringing home fun toys to play with!

Tonight he surprised us with the "Hasty Harness" from North American Rescue. However, in "normal form" it looks more like an unused roll of party streamer! But I promise it's much stronger than that...

When he announced you simply wrap it around a human and drag them, propel them, hoist them, whatever...I quickly scooted Bennett to bed. I really wasn't in the mood to play fake rescue with our toddler. Although I know Michael would have been all for keeping up past his bedtime to try different wraps.

So if you've got a bail out bag for your family (which you should if you don't), this is a great addition! It takes no time at all to safely make a harness for an adult, a child, or a dog (yes we tried this). I learned pretty fast and got to tie up my own hubby. (Bow chica-wow-wow)

You can also pull a wounded person with this or I guess any person unable to do or comprehend what you say. College kids- this may be good to keep in your car for your unruly friends that refuse to leave a party when everyone KNOWS they need to.

You can even tie a harness so a helicopter can pull you....

Check out North American Rescue's website here! Guys- you all will probably love this site.

In the meantime, make sure your bail out bag is stocked for any natural disaster or emergency. Wifeys can help out with this by using their super duper organizational skills!

Things you may want to include:

*Diet Coke
*Gold Fish
*flash light
*blanket- Snuggies are acceptable too
*nonperishable food
*weapon(s) / ammo
*clothes in all sizes for each family member- don't forget a pair of sneakers for each member
*leashes for dogs
*bottled waters
*diapers (for babies if need be)
*dog food
*battery radio
*charger for cellphone

blah, blah, blah...necessities.....

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