Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bennett's First Birthday Invitation!

As you already know if you regulary read the blog or spend enough time with me in person, Michael and I decided to have a "Sunday Funnies" Poolside Brunch for Bennett for his first birthday party! He's always so happy in the morning, he loves the water, and he is quite the hilarious kid! We thought the mixture of brunch, the pool, and the funnies was a perfect was to represent who our little tyke is!

Michael and I both loved Calvin and Hobbes growing up, but we also each loved Garfield, Dennis the Menace, and The Peanuts. :o)

Michael and I made the invitations by hand! He did the drawings! I'm so thankful for his talents in that area...because drawing is NOT one of my talents!

We used an assortment of real Sunday Funnies, card stock, and Sharpies. It was pretty simple, just time consuming with the way I chose to do it. I love the way handwritten things look...even if it's not always the neatest. But this was fun to make because I felt like the handwriting didn't have to be "pretty"..just little boy/sunday funnies messy. :o) We love how they turned out!

And yes, Dad....I changed the address on the invites for the public blog! I'm always one step ahead of you!

This was where I was when I got the call that Emily was in labor! (It was one of those "oh crap" moments for me). I actually ran immediately to the shower so I could head to Atlanta the night before he was born, but then realized I REALLY needed to get the invites done first! So I ended up rushing to get them done before I left town to meet lil baby Will because I was already a week late in getting them out! Thank goodness for some last minute gluing help from the hubbs!

We are so excited to continue planning our little man's Sunday Funnies Poolside Brunch! We're going for simple and understated! These first birthdays that are over-the-top seem a little bit excessive to me! But that's just my personal view. I just can't wait to have all his closest friends and family there!

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