Saturday, May 5, 2012

Epic Yard Sale Day

Today was no ordinary yard sale day. I think today takes the cake for all yard sale day excursions I've ever been on. And I thought I was doomed because I couldn't find my fanny pack before I left the house...
Here's my normal yard saling attire...

Check out all my AWESOME finds of the day! And please excuse any un-identified typos in this post. I've been enjoying my Cinco de Mayo alone with my dog on both my front and back porch....due to my new finds today! :o)

My favorite find of the day: a dining table that sits atop an old sewing loom. It was handmade by an amish man. I got the bench, table, and three ladder back chairs for 20 bucks. Yep- 20 bucks! :o) I have been wanting a picnic style table for our covered back looks gorgeous back here! I added a big mason jar of my favorite blue hydrangeas! (They're fake). Are you serious?

My second favorite find of the day: Two handmade rockers! They were made by a mountain man in Asheville and were originally $250 a piece! I paid $30 for both.  :o) I will be getting different colored cushions eventually for them, but They are gorgeous and just our style! We have them on one side of the front porch. One the other side of the front porch is our "Adirondack sitting area" now. In the middle of our Adirondack sitting area I have another bouquet of fake flowers.  :o) What a great place to sit and drink lemonade this summer!

We have been wanting a nice toaster oven and I found a beauty today!I don't know how to use it.

I go to visit my parents a lot in Fort Myers/ Captiva and we're going again in we really need a great shade tent for Bennett. Look what I found! It has a floor too you can put down. I don't know how to put this thing up. Mike will do it. abfab find for couples game night at our place.....
Can't wait!(I've been reading the cards all night and prepping)

We've been on the lookout for a great pool for Bennett for the backyard for the summer. Our neighborhood pool is great but it'd be nice to have something for him for when we're outside working as well. I found this puppy for 1 buck. It even has a removable sunshade. it's 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 ft. Plenty big! Mike doesn't think we need our key for the big pool anymore. :o)

Some great toys for Bennett.... I cleaned them, but almost didn't because the yard sale they came from was
A. ritzy as all get out and
B. so well organized I wanted to "pin it."

An antique lock that I thought was really interesting. Couldn't put it down...

An old glass type of door of some sort. I'd love to put some magnetic chalkboard paint on this and do something cute with it...

And ummm.....a FREE GRILL (that works) for Chelsea and Jonathan! YEA!

Can I just say how much I love yard sailing? Especially the community yard sales. There's nothing like hitting 20 plus lemonade stands in a day.

I ended my night tonight by putting some random decor above the kitchen sink. It's not pinterest quality, but it sure makes me happy for some reason! I'll probably re-read this post in the morning when I'm not "Cinco Happy" and realize that it looks like crap and take it down.

 Night yall. Save money. Go yard saling.

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