Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weathered Church Pew @ the Movie Wall

I finally found a piece of furniture to fit the "hard to fit" wall! And the thanks goes to one of my besties, Chelsea!

We have a lot of large walls and high ceilings in our new house so we have been making the most out of beaming movies onto one of the "smaller" walls in the living room using our projector. However, I needed to find a piece of furniture that I could use to fill the wall, but also still be able to view videos above it. The answer? A church pew! So being the great friend that Chelsea is ( and the awesome thrifty one that she is too), she texted me yesterday with a picture of this beauty!

It's exactly my style! Traditional, yet worn, weathered, with a slight beachy/cottage look! I fell in love instantly! It was at my favorite consignment store here in Greenville, Southern Housepitality. (The same place my green dresser in my dining room came from! They always have something awesome there.

So me, Chelsea, and Bennett went to pick it up this morning and later this afternoon I went to find a few pillows to soften it up. I knew I wanted to do some shades of blue and I came across the "Life is Good" pillow. I had to have it...even though it didn't add any sort of pop of color.

I love how it's JUST the right height for watching our projected movies and TV shows and fills the wall when we're not watching anything at all. If we ever decide to mount a TV above our fireplace, I can always add a mirror, a cool piece of art, or even a nice shelf with leaning picture frames. Regardless, I love all the endless possibilities! It adds some extra seating and a great place to take off your shoes! It will even look better once we put in hardwoods one day as well!

Without Movie
With Movie

Needless to say, I'm in love with the piece! Thanks again, Chels! You're the best! I  definitely owe you a find!

Oh....and guess who loves it more than Mommy and Daddy?

He's laughing because he pulled all the pillows off. Here's my next battle to fight with him. *sigh*

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