Friday, April 20, 2012

Dining Room PROGRESS

I actually have a REAL dining room now! In our last house, which was a rental, we opted to make the dining room space into a library. I LOVED our library. One of my best friends, Anne, helped me put the whole thing together on my birthday weekend while I was 34 weeks pregnant with Bennet when Michael was away at the Academy! She is awesome! Look at what we accomplished.

But when we bought our first house I knew we would finally have more room for family to come and stay and host holidays, so I also knew that meant it was time to have a dining room as well. I've been working on it since we moved in and am very pleased with how it's coming along!

Here's our dining room when we first moved in! I found my farmhouse table right away at a consignment store here in Greenville on Augusta road! We fell in love with it immediately and it set the tone for the entire room!

I found patterned chairs at World Market that set the color tone for the room. I'm definitely a blue and green gal!

I also found these tan canvas chairs at World Market called the Greyson chair. I am still waiting for my last chair to come in.

The green dresser has been in our guest bedroom since we lived in our small cottage when we got married. I found it at a consignment shop as well. It's a piece of junk and we have a love/hate relationship with the drawers, but I LOVE the color and the old world feel of it! I'm storing all my china, napkins, and some of my serving pieces in there. The rest of my serving pieces I now keep in the guest room furniture.

I decided not to paint the walls just yet. I don't really think it's in immediate need of it. I am custom ordering a matching bench for the table using the same mill wood so I can use two of the canvas chairs as extra seating. I plan on asking for the bench for my birthday. :o) I also want to put nicer blinds on the windows. Mini blinds just aren't my style...but they'll do for now!

I love how the heart maps I made for Michael on Valentine's day go well with the color scheme in the room. They have sentimental value because two of the maps are where we grew up (Ft. Myers, FL and Hope Mills, NC) and the other two are of Greenville and Simpsonville...  where we have lived together.

I love the vintage highchair, which is a family heirloom. My Uncle David gave it to me as a gift. He passed away just a few short weeks after doing so, so now I cherish it even more so. It fits perfectly under the table without the tray, so Bennett can also join in family dinners in style!

On the dresser is a mock bouquet of my wedding flowers that I carried. My Aunt Brenda made them for me. She is so talented! The Waterford toasting glasses also sit on the dresser that my Mom gave to us for our wedding. We toasted with them at our cake cutting!

Like I said, I love how it's all coming together! It's not perfect yet but all I really need is my other chair at least, my bench, and some better blinds...and a great centerpiece!

I can't wait for all the many happy memories to come around this great table!

It's the weekend, y'all!


  1. I adore the table AND the chairs and well, everything! Definitely my style and just love the green pop of the dresser! Well done! :)
    *Sarah M. (previously Hale :))

  2. How did you make the maps/ or where did you buy them? I think they're adorable and I want to make them for my sister and her finance!! Hope all is wel! Love the blog!