Thursday, September 6, 2012

Porches Perfect for Fall

I am obsessed with front porches. There is nothing more southern. When we were on the hunt for a house, my list of "must haves" was a big front porch. And now our porch is one of my most favorite places to enjoy at all times of the day.

 The most fun time to decorate a porch is in the fall. There is something cozy about mums, pumpkins, and distressed furniture. It's that cozy feeling of being curled up in an Adirondack chair or rocking in a rocking chair in a cozy sweatshirt watching the leaves change.

Now that we have redone our shutters and front door to a traditional, classic black, I am beyond excited to decorate our porch this year! In reality I need to plant a pumpkin patch in our backyard to cover the number of pumpkins I'd like to use to decorate.

These are some of my latest fall porch obsessions.... Cue the drool....

Hay Bales? Fabulous idea to add height and texture!

A ladder can be used for so many different seasons...not just fall!

Mums, hay bales, wooden baskets, excessive pumpkins.

Flowers would die in my pumpkin vase, but Martha Stewart and  my Aunt Brenda  could make this work.

Corn Husk garland and mums! Gorg!

See...going to need a pumpkin patch with steroid enriched soil.

It looks like a pumpkin store!

pumpkin decor

monogramed pumpkins- always classy.

I was supposed to do this last year. 

Pretty pumpkin tower.

Mossy letter

White simplicity.

Shutters...I would do 3D letters.

What do you do for your fall front porch? Do you have any decor traditions?
Happy decorating! Bring on the mums!

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