Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Weekend Retreat in Coconut Grove Gardens

I decided to go away to Coral Gables/Coconut Grove/ Miami for a few days this past weekend to visit my little brother. He is a senior at the University of Miami. I have not been over here since we dropped him off in his freshman football dorm aka jail cell so it was definitely time for a visit.

For the past two years he has lived in a quaint garden community off campus in Coconut Grove. It's a tiny cluster of tropical rustic cottages that sit in the middle of a wide array of palms, bamboo, and Bougain trees.

To me the cottages are something straight out a Bob Marley song- which is pretty darn cool! Stevie lived in the Wheelhouse up until he just recently moved across the garden to a bigger unit called the Bougain Villea House. His old place was actually photographed for a coffee table book while he was living there!

So I enjoyed my time there, soaking up the simple life... with teal tile countertops, bright, island-hued walls and watching peacocks walk by as I munch on breakfast. It was a great few days away from the ordinary life!

rooftop "lounge"
looking out the front door
on the roof top deck to his old roof top deck
one of this sidewalks
Stevie's "Garden"
Front door to kitchen view
Love the counter tops. :o)
Living room to kitchen and bar area
Side View of the his cottage
The Main House of the Property
Sign for his house...needs some TLC :o)
kitchen to living and front door view
rooftop deck again
another shot of kitchen
peacocks hang around the garden!
The fish tank :o)

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  1. I love Steves new cottage in the Grove. Glad you got to spend some time there with Steve