Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day on Useppa Island

To celebrate Labor Day we took a day trip to Useppa Island. I thought I wanted to move to Captiva but Useppa completely captured my heart.

It's a tiny private island that you can only access by boat off the coast of Fort Myers/Sanibel/Captiva, Florida. The island has gorgeous quaint beach cottages right off a pink-paved path with lush tropical landscaping. I've been to a decent number of tropical places in and out of the country over the years, but this is by far my second favorite place to St John/Trunk Bay in the Virgin Islands. Yes.... it's just fabulous! And you don't even have to travel out of the country!

Bennett loved the cruise through Pine Island Sound to get to the island. He danced to regaee music, watched dolphins jumping through the wake for the first time, and was fascinated by all the power boats on the water.

I told Michael I'd love to stay on the island for an anniversary one year. If you're ever in the area you need to must check it out. You have to be a member of the island to "go" but you can actually access it as a public guest through Captiva Cruises which leaves from....you guessed it....Captiva Island! I would love to be a member of Useppa when I'm grown up!

"One of the top 25 true island retreats in the world - serenity, great facilities and fishing, and no cars - Useppa has it all."

- Conde' Nast Traveler



  1. LOVE Southwest Florida! There is no place on Earth quite like that area. Every single thing about Sarasota, Florida has my heart. I will definitely add this to the list for next year's trip since Ft. Myers is not far from where we stay. Thanks for the post!

  2. I grew up in Cape Coral, FL and moved to Greenville about five years ago. Your blog represents both of my 'homes'. I love it!