Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sew....Guess What.... I Can Do It!

I can sew. All by myself and everything. I just finished up a three week long beginner class at Marietta's Quilt and Sew. We met on Mondays for the past three weeks and made a pillow case and an adorable four corner apron.

No...my house is not yellow. Mike's phone is bad.

 The pillowcase is for one of our family's  favorite Christmas traditions, Christmas Tree Cowboy Beds. The night we put up the tree we sleep by it in "Cowboy Beds." (tons of pillows, blankets, comforters, basically anything soft will do) This will be Bennett's "Cowboy Bed" pillow. It was my favorite tradition growing up. There is NOTHING as cool as sleeping by the light of the Christmas tree!

When I started "sewing" three weeks ago I didn't know a whole lot about it. A friend of mine worked with me for a day last Christmas to make my gorgeous stockings, but that was the only experience I really had.

During this class I learned how to turn on my machine (which is just a plug btw), wind a bobbin, thread my machine, make different stitches, pivot corners, use lots of fun sewing tools, set a sewing machine properly, and I even made a few new friends!

The instructors were unbelievably patient with me and the rest of the class. I felt like I was the slowest and least experienced of all the ladies there. They have tons of classes for all different levels and different projects as well.

My Beast.
I feel so blessed that I own a sewing machine. Thank you again, Mom, for buying me one for Christmas last year! I think the best thing I got from this class was the confidence to go out and make more projects.

I made the camera strap on the right to replace my old one on the left! I got excited to practice after my first class.

 Here are some things I'm going to make in the very near future. I think they're easy enough!

Jersey Pillows- Got tons of old vball jerseys and track jerseys from Michael. I'm sure Bennett will have a few too coming up!
Burp Cloths!

Football fleece Blanket- FSU

Cowboy Bed for Clarke maybe? :o)

Travel pillows! We are always on the road!
Gosh the possibilities are endless! If you're needing to learn to sew I highly recommend Marietta's! It was $35.00 for the full three weeks. I did have to buy the fabric for the projects though. It wasn't that much extra. Totally worth it!!!

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