Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week at the Beach

Another long over-do blog post. Surprise. Surprise. Story of my life. And I apologize...this is another long post, but more because I am indecisive person when it comes to pictures. So goody for you- you get to enjoy them all!

Me and two of my besties went to Florida for our "adult" spring break about a month ago. Luckily when I head to Florida that equates to a free vacay since my family lives there. All we needed to buy was food, big girl drinks, and anything we found in stores that fit our budgets. We spent half the week inland in Fort Myers and the other part on Captiva Island where my Mom works at an island cottage. If you've never been to Captiva and you love quiet, quaint island towns....this one's for you.

It was an amazing week away. We soaked up the sun almost every day, got to spend time with my hilarious family, and had major girl bonding time. A personal plus for me...I learned how to curl my own hair thanks to Chelsea and Kira! They patiently worked with me all week! A plus for my family is that we brought Bennett down with us and he got to spend time with them all week long! A win-win.

Here's a photo journey of our trip!

Lover's Key- The island that I spent tons of time at growing up. Stevie took us there on his boat. What a gem! We spent the day tanning, climbing trees, eating melon, and then finished the day by taking the boat to eat at The Fish House. Kira got to drive the boat. :o)

Captiva Island- We packed up Mom's huge SUV the girl way and headed for the islands! We spent a few days at a tiny island cottage. It was bayside so we had a dock, a pool, and it was just across the street from the beach.

There was a lizard in our cottage and Kira was a little restless, but she felt more safe with her pocket knife. :o)

One of our days at the beach, Kira and I went paddle-boarding. Such a great workout!

We also went to the Captiva Island Crab Races. My cousin Chris won third place and took home a medal and some cash! What's the Crab Races? It's the Kentucky Derby for Crabs. It's stupid. We had a blast.

The Start Line

Chels picking her crab...Cop Wife 2

Cop Wife 1 & Cop Wife 2 were losing...
Me picking my crab.

Chris won third! He got his Nascrab certificate.

 And if you visit Captiva you MUST MUST MUST go to The Bubble Room. You have to get "The Bubble Bread" and a piece of their cake. It's to die for. The Bubble Room is famous and also probably the most random place. Ever. They have a Christmas room. The waiters are dressed as boyscouts and there is even a Tunnel of Love. It's pretty awesome. My mom and Aunt Marla came with us to dinner! It was a lovely girls night. Then Chris showed up after he got off work at the Island store... :o)

We decided to party at the cottage and dock that night....

Beasting some Bubble Room cake..

Chelsea's twirl dress. She convinced me to buy one too!

Chris...partying it up.

Chelsea showing off. ;)

We took some normal shot of us too. Couldn't pass up the pretty scenery on the island..

The rest of the time we were inland in Fort Myers. We were back and forth between my Aunt Marla's house and my parents house since they live on the same circle. Bennett got to go on his first boat ride!

We got to hang out with a bunch of Stevie and Chris's friends that made us feel young again. Our night of country line dancing was a hoot! Thank goodness we went with all the guys to protect us though...gheez!

Bennett hanging with the cool kids...

Steve and I having a blast at Ale Mary's...such a classy place.

make shift glasses


Evan Heaven!

Steve was a trooper when he took us shopping and even endured a night of terrible service at the hockey game...

My dad took us girls down to the beach for dinner one of our last nights. So we made HIM feel young again! :o)

We worked out with Aunt Marla. She brought along her cocktail. We went slow so she didn't spill.

The vacay wouldn't have been complete unless we saw Titanic in 3D. We balled. We gushed about love and Jack Dawson. Hell I even took a picture of his sweet self in the theater. Couldn't resist.

It was a blast of trip and I'm so pumped I got to bring along two of my best friends! Even peanut didn't want to leave...

I love vacations! Can't wait for our family one coming up in June!

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