Monday, May 28, 2012

Weddings: Cake Pop Cake!

I loved my wedding cake with all my heart. Especially because it was so tall and had hydrangeas. It's hard to beat three earthly lovelies- hydrangeas, sugar, and fondant.

(Jarrad Lister Photography)

But....if I could redo my wedding over again, I must say that I think I'd have a cake pop cake! (Probably in different colors though of course) What a great idea! Just had to share!

I think this would also be adorable for a baby shower or kid's birthday party! On a smaller scale that is!

Okay...carry on!


  1. This makes me want to unpack my baking stuff right now.... mmmmm, cake pops.

    PS: Love your wedding cake ;)

  2. Your cake was BEAUTIFUL!! Classy and pretty but still casual...I'm not sure if that makes sense but i love it!!!

  3. Hi Stacie! First, I'm loving your wedding cake. It is breath-taking. Hydrangeas are so pretty. We're using them at our wedding too. I also love the idea of a cake pop cake. That's ingenious for parties when you don't want to deal with cutting and serving.

    Second, you blog is precious and Bennett is adorable. I'm finding that a lot of Furman girls are blogging lately but I haven't come across many Kappas. How neat! I checked out some of your past posts and noticed that you have the same china that Corey and I registered for. Clearly, all Kappas must have impeccable taste.

    Your home and family are lovely. So neat to find your blog and read how well you are doing! xo