Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Cookies at Publix: A Mini- Milestone

Bennett discovered the secret of free cookies at the Publix bakery yesterday when we were shopping.

 This may not excite anyone else, especially if they have no idea what Publix even is..(it's a grocery store for you readers that don't know). But for me- this was a HUGE moment! My childhood was filled with trips to Publix for our weekly groceries. Why did I like going so much? For the free sugar cookies the bakery ladies gave out of course! Sometimes they would even give me two. :o)

Downtown Greenville Publix
 So he got his first free sugar cookie from the sweet ladies behind the counter. It also happened to be his first cookie he's ever eaten! What a BIG day for the little man!

I'm not eating that, woman!
Yeah.....Still not sure...

Now where did the lady in the white hat go? Maybe she'll bring me more...
Oh good she comes.... Just act cool.
Are you serious? That baby isnt' even behaving. Why does he get one? Should have gave it to me...
I. Just. Can't. Believe. It. And Mom just let it happen.... So over this store.
So you get cookies EVERY TIME you come? Wow, Mom! I feel so much better!!! Thanks!
Downtown Greenville Publix

Have a great Friday everyone! I'm heading to Atlanta to host a Peter Rabbit Picnic baby shower! I can't wait to blog about it after the weekend! I also have a giveaway coming up early next week for a new photographer in town! Be sure to keep checking the blog!

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