Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bennett's First Birthday Party Theme: Sunday Funnies Poolside Brunch

I will probably regret posting about this because I'll change my mind about the "theme" ONCE AGAIN after hitting the publish button. I have been excited about planning his first birthday party since pretty much the day he was born. ( Come mothers know exactly what I'm talking about!)

I've changed my mind SO many times on the theme it's enough to make a Pinterest party-pinner vom. However, about a month or so ago I came up with a theme on my own- without the help of the "almighty Pinterest!" But then a few weeks later I came up yet ANOTHER plan-again without the help of Pinterest (can you tell I'm proud haha), but still...I think I've finally decided that this is finally it! But who knows...I could change it yet again!

But as for now I'm excited to announce that we will be throwing Bennett a "Sunday Funnies" poolside birthday brunch! The idea came to me when I was thinking about a birthday party I went to in high school for one of my volleyball player friends, whom it was tradition for her to have her gifts wrapped in Sunday Funnies colored comics. I had always thought it was the coolest idea!

Bennett is the perfect candidate for a "Sunday Funnies" birthday in my opinion. He is such a happy little guy in the morning! He has always made everyone around him laugh and seems like the type of kiddo that would appreciate his gifts wrapped in brightly colored newspaper comics. His new solid food habits have led him to begin to discover the beauty of all breakfast food as well. So I'm thinking an awesome cereal bar, pancake /Eggo bar, scrambled egg bar, etc. would be completely appropriate for the party! I'm thinking Mimosas for the adults, regular OJ, AJ, and chocolate milk for the little ones.

 Bennett absolutely loves the swimming pool so a pool party is big on our list. A poolside brunch would top all this off just perfectly! I'm going to make certain though that it's not too "theme-y" if that makes sense. I'm not into the over-the-top theme parties, but I love a general cohesive theme to pull everything together- even if it's just through patterns and colors.

I'm so excited to start planning and making this party FINALLY come alive for him! It's hard to believe he'll be a whole year old on July 14th!

Of course I thought Pinterest would be a good source of inspiration once I came up with the idea...but I was sort of bummed to find a lack of ideas for what I have in mind. So now this is sort of a challenge for me! But hey- I love me a good challenge!

If anyone has any great ideas- I'd love to hear them in the comment section below!

Step 1...I need to start saving the Sunday Funnies so I can wrap some great presents! :o)

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